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It represents an informative service for our clients or potential applicants for structural EU funds and other grant schemes. 

Besides free informing about the future grants in newsletter form, we are able to target suitable grant schemes for demanding clients. The grants schemes are regularly very confusing whereby it is not clear how one can participate in the tender. During the intention design it is necessary to be immensely creative and to read between the lines. Exactly that we are trying accomplish by finding the project tenders. In practice we have achieved to find grants for on a first sight impossible intentions and demands.  

Depending on the detail information from the client we continuously monitor actual tenders not only on the EU funds domain but complexly including all grant schemes (e.g. direct Brussels grants, Horizon2020, ministry declarations, Swiss funds, Norwegian financial mechanism etc.).

We will inform the client if there is an interesting and suitable tender available and also create the possible project scheme and the project’s philosophy.

Contributions to this form of help are:

- valuable information about actual possibilities of the financial utilisation from “euro-funds” and in whole about all grant opportunities,

- the possible suggestions how to resolve your problems and intentions,

- competence control of your subject,

- competence control of proposed activities,

- layout of the project’s co-financing settling,

- designing the project-aims

“Are you searching for a quality source of information about “euro-funds”? You are in the right place,”

Complete or partial project development and writing

One of the basic premises to gain financial source is the designing of a good-quality project (application for NFP including all necessary annexes, that in practice range from 5 to approximately 45) meeting the strategic documents of the district, city, or region in Slovak Republic or European Union.

Our team of experts will guarantee you designing of a complete project, project file and provide all compulsory attachments and execute necessary studies and analyses. 

Exactly this service is the key one in our portfolio.

It is crucial to perceive the project is a contest file focusing to succeed by gaining the financial help. In the practice, applicant usually views it in a form of receiving a grant. However, about the grant allocation decides managing authority (generally particular ministry), our participation in the process is a complete design of all documents and providing all necessary information that will maximize the success rate in the competition and also guarantying formal correctness.     

Designed project is possible to use in any grant scheme anytime in the future, because all grant schemes have similar conditions and a good deal of the text part might be utilised whenever. Formal annexes are easy to update and the application form might be slightly corrected thus it can be “re-administered” again and the grant might be obtained.

Our clients gain:

- designing the project application form (application for NFP) meeting all desirable criteria and standards,

- the elaboration of the project budget,

- laying out of all compulsory analyses and studies,

- completing and creating all compulsory annexes,

- gaining necessary annexes form particular authorities in the name of the client (Tax Office, Social Insurance Fund, health insurance funds, district office, building office and other),

- communication with appropriate managing authority (e.g. ministry)  or implementation agency

- control of the formal correctness before administering the project-application form,

- an assistance with completing documents additionally requested by managing authority, 

- the scheme of necessary changes-implementation to the administrated project


Project implementation (external  project management)   

Project-approval and receiving of the grant is a success because of complicated grant scheme and fractionated information, but it is only a first step in a road to achieve your target.

Practice in the grant-utilisation showed that the widest problem is not designing of the project’s application form, but guarantying professional implementation  of successful project..

After accepting project’s application form begins a long-term administration process and control of the grant-utilisation. 

Usually the applicant is not prepared for successful project realization, therefore he welcomes help also in this phase of project proceeding. Consequences of unprofessional project-implementation might be severely serious. While the consequence of unprofessionally designed project is its disapproval, what is certainly a negative aspect, other negatives besides the time investment can be its linking with high financial loss and in a case of unprofessional project management the consequences might be catastrophic. The worst scenario is when the management authority withdraws from the approved project and after its full settlement asks for the grant repayment. The critic moment was especially the process of public procurement.

This aid involves:

- Complete project management,

- monitoring of the timescale fulfilling,

- monitoring of the project’s budget utilisation,

- financial project management,

- payment claims (interim and final),

- intern manual for project-implementation,

- monitoring the contractual obligations respecting,

- public procurement,

- project publicity,

- crisis management,

- amendment procedures,

- monitoring reports,

- communication with suppliers,

- communication with implementation agency, management authority.


„...successful project is just a first step on road to the target achieving ...”


Complex project-financing for public sector

Nowadays on Slovak market is absent an institution that would offer complex help for public bodies (mainly municipalities) in the financial sources gaining (retrievable and irretrievable).  For this reason, the authority may take use of not only our specifically targeted services but also this complex form of help.

Its objective is enabling of the irretrievable grants for cities and districts and potentiating appplying for domestic and foreign investment in any form.

Based on in-depth analysis of the district/city we will design complete financing plan of  the intentions identified (e.g. construction of the local infrastructure, building reconstruction,  public education etc.).

In the proposal is incorporated a possibility of obtaining the grant from the EU structural funds, ministry declarations, Swiss funds, Norwegian financial mechanism, private grants, domestic and foreign private investments.

It is complex financially-strategic document which contains timescales, resources, terms and conditions and other requirements. It is utilizable in a period of 1 to 5 years.

Cities and municipal districts usually do not have capacities for dormant asset selling. When the potential investor is a foreigner there is frequent problem e.g. insufficient language knowledge of the employees from competent office.

We have well-established relations almost all over the world, therefore our company is able to (when necessary) provide help with investments in particular region.

What the authority obtains:

A complex overview of the financial sources-obtaining possibilities in EU,

Designing of financially-strategic document,

Complex application form creating for gaining a specific grant, including all annexes,

Irretrievable grant-obtaining,

Looking for domestic and foreign investors, that are willing and capable of investing the financial sources in your region,

Enhancing of the social and economical development of your region,


Complex project-financing for the business sector,

The purpose of creating this form of help had been the consolidation of the grant schemes and other form of aid focusing on business sector in Slovakia. In the same time, the aim was to enable every business subject to participate in an irretrievable grant contests from structural EU funds, but also for other help opportunities (financial, non-financial, irretrievable, retrievable…).

Currently, on Slovak market is not present an institution (state or private), that would provide similar complex help for business sphere in the field of obtaining financial resources resp. another support.

Based on in-depth analysis of the subject/company we will design complete financing plan of the intentions identified. It is complex financially-strategic document which contain timescales, resources, terms and conditions and other requirements. It is utilizable in a period of 1 to 5 years.

In the proposal is incorporated a possibility of obtaining the following resources:

Structural EU funds – relevant tenders orientated on business sector with the grant-utilising to the year 2020 (irretrievable grants),.

Swiss funds – the possibility an irretrievable grant-obtaining also for business subjects for different aims,

International grants and subsidies –they are generally administered directly in Brussels. Those are subsidy instruments like Horizon202, FP7 (7-framework program focusing on wide activity spectrum, but usually with emphasis on innovation, research and development), CIP (focused on ecological innovations), LIFE+ (targeting the environment). 

Community programs – bigger projects focused on a cross-border cooperation with several partners,

State subsidies – irretrievable subsidies from different ministry declarations (e.g. MF SR) and Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (e.g. on the start of business),  

Private grants – opportunity to gain smaller private irretrievable subsidies for different purposes (e.g. for human potential development),

Other grants – the possibility to obtain irretrievable subsidies from other “alternative” grant schemes (e.g. Visegrad fund),

Private equity – a possibility to retrieve a risk capital in different cycle of the business existence (seed capital, start-up capital, early stage development capital, later stage development, rescue capital, debt replacement capital, acquisition capital) .

Financial support from European bank for renewal and development – enables a large scale of financial instruments ( guarantee schemes, credit schemes, equity investments),

Mezzanine capital – hybrid between the owner’s and outsider’s capital, it uses several financial instruments,

Commercial loans – from banking and non-banking sector,

Help SZRB – in the form of credits, microloans and bank guarantees,

Guarantee  program EIF – providing credit guarantees,

Support from EIB – loans/credits, bank guarantees, venture capital, technical help.

Many others.


Education and training

The aim of the trainings in the grant and project-management field is to approximate the problematic of applying for a subsidy from structural EU funds and from international grants practically during an intensive training/workshop.

Applicants will be informed about the real possibilities of a grant-receiving almost from all grant schemes in EU.

They will learn how to effectively look for subsidy-possibilities in actually confusing and not transparent situation.

They will master up the project-designing focused on subsidy/grant-obtaining (investment and non-investment)

They will learn how to implement (realize) successful projects.

The target of the course is preparing the applicant without previous knowledge and experience for work of the project manager in the field of EU grants. After the course completing the applicant should be able to look for a suitable grant, design an intention, process a complete application form, annexes and professionally implement the approved project..

The targeted group:

Representatives of private sector (owners, financial and investment managers, HR and research/development workers, etc.)

Agriculture sector

Public administration, especially the representatives of smaller authorities (municipal districts),

The third sector representatives,

Natural persons, that have an interest in this field,

New-job applicants,



Course is divided into 3 basic blocks:

1. Block – introducing the local and international subsidy/grant possibilities:

Structural EU funds

International grants

National and smaller alternative grants

2. Block – the ways how to design the project with your own merits:

Project preparation and proposal

Application processing

Processing of specific parts (financial analyse, feasibility studies, characterisation of the project and other..)

Identification of the most frequent errors during the project-writing  

Practical tools and tips how to wrote good-quality project

3. Block – implementation of an approved project:

       A. The ways how guarantee all important steps and duties during the project-realisation, so every audit will   end well.

       B. The most frequent errors during the project-realisation

       C. Public procurement as a key realisation phase

       D. The main principles of the project management


Additional services and expertises

Besides our main services such as the project-designing and project management, we will gladly help even with partial and special tasks linked with successful subsidy/grant utilising, such as:

Providing the information service – our clients are continuously alerted with actual information and news from the EU fund field. The “euro-fund” or other grant schemes problematic is extensively complicated and wide, therefore we are trying to introduce our clients to this problematic and input a little order and simplicity. Besides the standard newsletters, we are able to specifically look for a subsidy titles precisely tailored for your demands.

Public procurement – the public procurement process was identified as the key and the most challenging phase of a project realisation. Especially, the unprofessionally processed public procurement creates problems to the subsidy-applicants and receivers. Those problems might lead to the possible grant-returning obligation to the provider.

Project-documentation to an investment (construction) projects – building permission and project documentation is usually necessary annex to the NFP application form.

Other compulsory and supporting files and studies – such as feasibility studies (especially in the case of foreign projects) financial analyses (actually standard attachment to the structural EU funds), market researches

 Audits of accepted and rejected project – nowadays mostly cities after the  programme-period expiration would like to know the answer for question  which from the administered projects have for the authority meaning and represent an advantage. Simultaneously they need to know, which of the rejected projects can be updated and administered again in the future. It is an important step for the subsidy-strategy planning for another programme period.