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How is your company able to help us with the receiving of a grant?

The company’s added-value for you is a complete project-management from A to Z.  The team consisting of experts will guarantee you fully designed project with all compulsory annexes and prepare every necessary studies or analyses.  We will asses for you suitable grant scheme, monitor competence, plan out the project’s aim, look for project-partners and bring the whole process to an end. In the case of project’s acceptance we will help you with the project-administration that you will receive the grant in time and in full amount. Other information about this help is in section: Services / Project-designing.

Can you help us also in the phase when our project has been already accepted?

Yes, we help our clients after the project acceptance too, even if the project was not designed / written by us. Other information about this help is in section: Services / Project-running and implementation  

Are you obtaining grants for private firms or third sector?

Yes, we offer our services for any subject that is competent to submit an application for a grant-receiving (public sector, private or third sector).

I want to apply for a grant, what do I have to do?

Approach us through a phone-call or use a contact paper form. We will subsequently send you our intern questionnaire focusing on gathering most of the information about your intention and potential. After we review your questionnaire we are able to assess the actual grant market and layout some desirable grant schemes with the conditions of participating in the selection process. Based on those we can begin the project preparation.  

What is your success rate?

Our success rate is variable according to the grant scheme. In some cases the success rate is 50% in other almost 90%. 

What is the cost of your services?

We are trying to maximally meet halfway with every single client aiming not to burden the budget. The reward for our services depends on many factors: on the grant-scheme, agenda-complexity, readiness of the client and other.  The standard fee is divided into two parts: cover of the administration cost and a „success fee“ in the case of the project acceptation.

How will be the grant disbursed?

The settling of the grant payment relies on the tender itself and on characteristic of your organisation. Conventionally, the public sector subjects (e.g. cities, districts) receive the grant through pre-financing: before the grant-disbursing the invoice is sent for payment to the managing authority. This form of settlement is not that burdensome for your own fonts.  On the contrary, for the private sector is typical reimbursement: firstly the grant-receiver has to pay the invoice and subsequently have it compensated by the managing authority. The third and less common variant is advance payment: the grant-receiver gets some part of the payment to his bank account, from which he covers all project’s costs. This form is exemplary in particular for alternative grant schemes such as e.g. Visegrad Fund, Norwegian financial mechanism.

What kind of terms do I have to meet, if I want to apply for a grant?

Participation conditions depend on the specific tender that is estimating precise norms and terms for your organisation and project intention.  General terms include a rule in which the applicant cannot have arrears on taxes and levies (Tax Office, Social Insurance Fund, insurance funds) and he cannot breach prohibited illegal employment. In addition, firm owners resp. statutory representatives must not have been convicted of intentional offence. The problem might be also the situation when your firm was in the most recent fiscal year in loss.

We have never applied for a grant. We are sceptic and fear unnecessary work with non-effectively spent financial resources. Is it worthwhile?

 Yes it is. The company’s purpose is to help you with the challenge by unloading some difficult bureaucratic work linked with the process of applying for a grant. Likewise, amount of investment in the grant-applying phase represents relatively little number compared to the amount of financial support requested considering the % chance of succeeding. Besides, it is important to perceive that the grant is irreclaimable financial source. In the same time, if the project is unsuccessful in first round, there is no need to fall in despair, normally every tender has a number of rounds, or there are other alternative grant possibilities for your project. So it is likely, that your application will be accepted, if you do not lose motivation.

Is possible to apply for a grant anytime?

No, you can apply for a grant only if there is a call for tender which is called by competent managing authority (e.g. ministry). The tender is ordinarily time-limited and the standard time limit for project preparation is 3 months.