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Gemini Group s. r. o. is a modern consulting company. Through many years, we have ascertained that providing good-quality services is truly worthwhile.


We are proud that during seven years, we have helped many clients.

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About us

Gemini Group s. r. o. is international consulting company with branches in London, Bratislava and Prague.

Through many years, we have ascertained that providing good-quality services is truly worthwhile.

We offer help for our business partners mainly in a project-financing activities that are based on the structural European funds and other grant programmes (direct Brussels and international grants, state and private grants). 

The problematic of structural funds in Slovak republic is even after many years informationally fractionated.  The potential applicant is not able to quickly and complexly get information about the grant that he would be capable to utilise. Despite of state and private web portals existence (reporting the basic information about actual grant possibilities), there are no specific terms for a grant-applying, those are usually strewed on additional records such as guide books, manuals, help schemes etc..  Therefore, applicant frequently finds out late that he has not met all terms in the particular tender scheme and the project has been vainly administered.

According to the mentioned reasons, we are trying primary to perfectly inform the client before starting the work on the project. We offer this form of help to every client, because we find it important in order to enable public knowledge about “euro-fund“ problematic and to well-arrange the key processes of the grant-application.  

“The advancement thanks to quality”.

The company will be glad if you subscribe for our newsletter reporting actual potential grant possibilities from EU. The company’s huge advantage is that it is not only orientated on “traditional” structural EU funds but also on the whole international grant mechanism chains, such as Horizon2020, FP7, CIP, LIFE+ and numerous other.

If we identify a desirable grant possibility for our business partner we are able to guarantee full project cycle, meaning: suggesting project concept, execute application form for NFP including all necessary annexes: principally, project-characterisation, budget, financial analyse etc.. Above all, is our company like one of a few able to ensure annexes from different institutions due to project managers, who work also in the field and in client’s offices. Furthermore we are able to provide you with special documents such as feasibility studies, project documentations for construction/building authorisation, public procurement.

After the project acceptance, we will gladly help you with project realisation, because the more difficult work starts after the project approving. The company will help you with overcoming this phase smoothly and without worries.

Our aim is to guide the client through full process of the grant-application from the abstract idea to any controlling even after some years after the project realisation. 

We will be happy if you approach our company with an interesting project design regardless of if you are district, city, school, firm, non-profit organisation, society association representative or a self employed or natural person.